The BAKI Santa Claus goes to the your home again
Dear Parents, You can call Santa to your house for free! The packages must be delivered to the BAKI Youth house until 3 December 2012. [...] MORE
"KOBAK" – a complex development program for the Balmazújváros sub region
The Alternative Cultural Youth Association of Balmazújváros Sub region (BAKI Association), the Hungarian Organizations Helping Unemployed People’s Association and the Unemployed and Job Seekers Association of Balmazujvaros as consortium partners, between 1 September 2012 and 1 Marc 2012 [...] MORE
Family Circle
The Alternative Cultural Youth Association of Balmazújváros Sub region (BAKI Association) and the Semmelweis Nurse Association operates a program between 1. June 2012 and 31. August 2013 with the TÁMOP 5.5.1.B-11 / 2-2011-0059 ID. Number. The programs name is "Family Circle" [...] MORE
Civil and Family Day
On 25 August 2012 the Civil and Family Day will be held in the Castle Garden. [...] MORE
Bike tour to the Crater Lake
The BIGYIÖK LCS invites you to a big adventure! BIKE TOUR TO THE CRATER LAKE! 8:00 – 8:30: Opening and registration LOCATION: BAKI YOUTH HOUSE [...] MORE
Exhibition opening of Gábor Solymosi and Bulcsú Éles
An exhibition of Bulcsú Éles selected art work in the BAKI Youth House. The exhibition is opened by Elemer Szabó cultural anthropologists and the club’s youth assists at the event. [...] MORE
Beauty Day
Free cosmetology and beauty pageant is waiting for the visitors at the BAKI Youth House on 2012.07.21, the organizer is the BIGYIÖK LCSB (Children and Youth Government Creator Group in Balmazújváros). We welcome those who want a little beauty care. [...] MORE
Reverse Day
On 15 June 2012 (Friday) the clubs at the BAKI also participated in Reverse Day which was organized by the Vares Péter High School and took place at the GÖCS field. [...] MORE
Civil awarding
The Debrecen Regional Transit Association received the Civil Award in memory of István Koppány in 2012. As the award winner in 2011 the BAKI Association was the host of the event. [...] MORE
The BAKI Associations program called “Kapaszkodó” has ended.
The program operated by the Alternative Cultural Youth Association of Balmazújváros Sub region with the TÁMOP 5.3.1-C-09/2-2010-0023 ID No. has ended with a success. The association has received a supporting decision in 28 June 2010 within the framework of the Social Renewal Operational Program which is in the framework of the TÁMOP-5.3.1-C-09/2 “First Step” - in the framework of the program for inviting applications tend to those with low employment opportunities to make them able to sustain independent living. [...] MORE
BAKI Tattoo day
On 7 April 2012 there will be a tattoo day in the BAKI Association. On the event the Debrecen Phoenix Tattoo and Tattoo Shop Lucky introduces it self. During the day there will be an amateur tattoo contest [...] MORE
Have something to do with us!
he One Step Forward group will organize an open day in the BAKI Youth House! Meet the English -, guitar -, board game -, and foosball club. [...] MORE


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