Other activities

Targeted additional activities
  • Organizing trainings and lectures
  • advice and expertise on all issues, topics, which includes the activities of the association, and fits the objectives of the association
  • making studies and surveys that shows the needs
  • community development
  • organizing different cultural and recreational programs
  • maintaining connection with government and social organizations, enterprises, companies and associations operating in a similar aim
  • elsewhere not classified other community, social activities, other entertainment and recreation activities
  • offering the room and the building for rental
  • event organization
  • performing and artistic activities
  • accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities

Other activities
  • children's drawing exhibition and organizing applications
  • organization of concerts (such as HC, jazz, blues rock, contemporary, ethnic, hip-hop, funk)
  • organizing student theaters and theater groups
  • organizing playful tournaments
  • organizing reader – writer meetings
  • collection and distribution of charity donations
  • organizing talent competition application
  • organizing charitable programs and free gift giving evening
  • organizing Dance Houses
  • organizing trips
  • organizing creative and other camps


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