A few examples of programs that we implemented

Hungarian-Hungarian co-operation between civil associations in the Carpathian Basin, supporting civil relations along the border and cross-border.

Project Title:
Without a border

The application aimed to help the Hungarian civil associations international presence, in particular to activities with European civil associations and cross-border association and to provide new members. Furthermore to support sharing of the international experience.

The activity/project professional content, program elements, location:

The project was held in two sessions. The first was held in Balmazújváros where the BAKI Associations volunteers a musical and sport activities for the guests from Fels?bánya, and they introduced our city’s and its surroundings attractions. Jointly organized a program was held with the aim of promoting volunteering among young people and society. With the help of a literary evening the young people form Fels?bánya brought closer the citizens of Balmazújváros to the every days in Fels?bánya.

The final amount of the budget: 610.000 Ft
Granting authority: the National Civil Fund  

Supporting associations who are dealing with drug users and drog prevention

Project Title:

The program’s aim was to draw the attention of young people living in our city to the dangers of drug use, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle, presentation of alternatives, which from all young people could choose from. Experience obtained in the field of health promotion greatly enhance the reduction of drug use, in our programs we wanted to strengthen the connections of the local associations who work with young people for future successful cooperation. 

The activity/project professional content, program elements, location:

With the help of concert series we tried to send a message through popular music to the young people in the sub region. Screening kind of drug prevention films and then to discuss the films experiences in a group discussion. Organizing photo and drawing contest, as well as multi-round drug prevention contest. Drug free Experience Theater’s performance in collaboration with recovered addicts. Organization of outdoor sporting events, as well as the II. Underground Festival, where outdoor events, graffiti, trial presentations and concerts were held.

The results of activity / project:

We developed our program based on the social impact model the effect of which covers a 1-3 year time period. In terms of our target groups this effect corresponds exactly, because before the next stage of their life they already will have the key skills that are essential to adapt in sociality, strengthen their identity and maintaining their positive lifestyle against drugs.

The final amount of the budget: 800.000 Ft
Granting authority:  Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs  

Promoting young people's active participation in society.

Project Title:

It was the programs aim to fill the community space in our association with programs held on Saturday afternoons based on the survey results among the youth which contributes to the strengthening and building of community life and individual relationships, group cohesion development and strengthening the social sensitivity. Another purpose was to involve and prepare young people in local community life, strengthen the emotional attachment, which is the basic of trying to get them to stay in our town.

The activity/project professional content, program elements, location:

In the project self-awareness sessions were organized and we successfully managed the theater circuit. In association with the residents of the Rehabilitation Institute on Nagyhát we are planning an exhibition and sport days. We operate weekly arts and crafts. In order to make young people’s carrier choices easier the interested youth could meet with representatives of various professions. In the framework of public meetings popular musicians, artists, writers were invited to speak with the young people. The programs took place in the BAKI Youth House.

The final amount of the budget: 500.000 Ft
Granting authority:  Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs



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