Board game club

The board games are not just Monopoly, the members here know that well! Each game has its own charm, whether that is an intergalactic war game like Twilight Imperium or the Battlestar Galactica; a thriller made form a novel like Fury of Dracula; or a party game like Ultimate Werewolf, Deadwood; ore role playing like Runebound. And this is just the beginning, because you can play a lot of games, if you occasionally visit us.
What is our aim with this? To have fun every Thursday and Sunday from 17:00 pm in the BAKI! We are waiting for you too!


László Ferenczi:

- Email:

- Mobil: +36 (20) 296-3359

The board game club can be visited on the following dates:

Thursday: 17:00-22:00
Sunday: 18:00-22:00


BAKI Youth House
4060 Balmazújváros, Batthyány str. 26.

All are welcome!



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