I. BAKI Darts Cup



A new "chapter" has started on the last day of May at the BAKI Youth House!

The BAKI Darts Club organized its first official competition of darts, 20 individual competitor and 8 doubles signed up for the Cup.

The matches started at 9 am in the morning they took place on four boards. In the doubles category the Civis Sports Darts Association representative Bence Nagy, and in the colors of the Debrecen Sports Darts Association Laszló Bácsi took the brightest medal. Tamás Novák and Imre Jenes proudly represented by the BAKI Darts Club ended the day with silver medal!

The third place took by József Ferenczi and Balázs Szabó duo also from the BAKI.

After a well-deserved lunch break the Cup continued with the single competitions. The champion after a tense finale was Zsolt Papp alias “Zsivány” from DDSE, just before Novák Tamás, the third position was occupied by Bence Nagy.

It was a great day, exciting, entertaining and sometimes with funny moments. Thank you for your participation! And do not forget, if you feel like to try the darts, you can come to the BAKI Youth House. From Monday until Saturday afternoon from 4 to 9 pm.




Tiszta Formák Új Széchenyi Terv Széchenyi 2020