About us

The Alternative Cultural Youth Association of Balmazújváros Sub region (BAKI Association) was submitted in 1998 to the Hajdú-Bihar County Court. The founders were youngsters from Balmazújváros, who measured their own and their environments needs and started to organize programs to spend their free time more useful. Later the responsibility of the association grow and adopted to the local needs, because they couldn’t ignore the problems of the economy and the society, so they created labor market services and they participated effectively in preventing drug use.

In 2006 with the help of the Youth 2000-2006 program they created the BAKI Youth House which was the location of many popular events among the sub region and the youth population in the recent years and today. From 2009 young volunteers organized programs here which led to the formation of the Child and Youth Council of Balmazújváros and the members actively participate in the favor of the local youth. After this, thanks to the big interest, in 2010 the BAKI Foosball Club was formed which provides a very popular sporting chance to the young participants. In 2011 was formed the Board game Club in compliance with the new needs. The expending number of participants and the increasingly colorful interests lead to the forming of other clubs in 2012 such as the Guitar Club, the Ping-Pong Club and the English Club.

Fort the recognition of the BAKI Association’s work in 2006 we received the North - Plains Regional Development Council "Civil - Award of the Northern Plains Region Development” award, while in 2011 the Civic Award in memory of Stephen Koppányi honorary title was granted and in 2013 “The Voluntary Organization of the Year” award was granted to the association. But the association thinks that their greatest accomplishment is the growing number of children and youth that participates in the events and the clubs as well as the youth witch participates in the events and they could experienc the sense of usefulness in a community, helping them integrate in society, strengthening their initiative and providing opportunity for their individual deployment.

The programs which came true in preventing drug usage (SZER-inTed?, Szer-telen Ifjúság) aimed partly to draw attention of young people in our city to the dangers of drug use and furthermore to advertise healthy lifestyle showing them alternatives which all young people can choose personalized.

Between 2010 November and 2012 April came true the TÁMOP-5.3.1-C-09/2-2010-0023, "Kapaszkodó" named program which main object was to develop the key competencies of the people in the Balmazújváros sub region who are disadvantaged school leavers and long term unemployed who struggle with addiction, in order to improve the 30 peoples chances of employment and social inclusion who are involved in the program. The program was a success because out of the participants 14 got jobs in the primary labor market and 3 people continued or started their school studies. In the TÁMOP 5.5.1.B-11/2-2011-0059 ID No. "Családi kör" titled program 700 citizens from Balmazújváros got such integrated services from the association which serve as tools to increase the importance of family life and help them successfully reintegrate in to the labor market. The TÁMOP 5.1.1-11/1/B-2012-0044 ID No. program which was named "KOBAK" closed at the beginning of 2014 and its goal was to provide such programs and services to the children and young people in the Balmazújváros sub region which helps them develop personal and social competencies, thus increasing their chances of integration. A further objective was to increase the sub regional organizations capacity to pick up sources and also to execute a program which is an employment program and its combined with a training that is adjusted to the sub region labor market conditions.



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